“Gratitude” Special Delivery Box

“Gratitude” Special Delivery Box

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Gratitude -grat-i-tood -noun: the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful for anything!

This Special Delivery of “Gratitude” cards will give you that perfect card for the moment you want to reach out and thank someone for something, even something ordinary. It is the little things that make a lasting impression. Be extraordinary and start changing lives today!

8 Gratitude Cards

  • You’re 1 in 7 Billion from Pepper Press in Brooklyn, NY. This letterpress card is a unique way to show someone they are appreciated. There’s no one else out there like them—they are 1 in 7 billion!
  • IOU1 from Loudhouse Creative in Burbank, CA. Show your gratitude with this cute thank-you card that has been hand-drawn and printed on an antique press.
  • You’re a Gem from Bonomo Paper Co. in Brooklyn, NY. This little card dazzles with art deco glam.
  • Mahalo from Minty Fresh Letterpress in Santa Cruz, CA. Mahalo is a Hawaiian word that conveys thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, and regards. This beautiful expression of gratitude comes in a colorful geometric pineapple letterpress card.
  • Thanks, You’re the Best! from a. favorite design, inc. in Chicago, IL. The card’s design reflects inspiration from vintage “Sorry we are closed” signs. This little work of art is sure to be hung on display.
  • You’re a Really Good Friend from Constellation & Co in Seattle, WA. How many times would you send out this card? Most of our friends think what they do is ordinary, but you know that’s not the case. These are for the times we want to show how deeply their extraordinary actions touch us.
  • So Sweet from Parrott Design Studio in Sebago Center, ME. You can almost taste this deliciously sweet letterpress card of gratitude!
  • Confetti Thank You from Twin Ravens Press in Eugene, OR. This simple yet elegant letterpress card comes with foil confetti and a golden envelope to deliver it in!

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